LETTER LIX – Imperfection (Kanye West)


The Perfect Man is a Platonic ideal – an image of Perfection unattainable for material substrate – but nonetheless remains the target at the end of our aim. Man stands next to other flawed beasts on a cliff’s edge looking down into the abyss. Across the pond is God, to whom there is no bridge. Many a man has jumped and fell, and many more will.

To sin is to miss the mark.

Might reaching an ideal – the Ideal in this case – be an oxymoronic venture? Does Man not understand that the intention to reach an ideal is impossible, perhaps even inconceivable? It doesn’t slow him down, no. One might even go as far as to say that the entire point is the implausibility of the task ahead! I must take a breath.

Now great men have always labored after Perfection, but only one man landed on the other side. Who was this man? But wait, if it is a sin to miss the mark and inconceivable to become God, is it then not a sin to attempt to be like God? Why must I question!

An absurd paradigm: the task of creating the Perfect Vase is a worthwhile endeavor as long as one commits himself to ceramic arts. The better this man becomes at his craft if he is of righteous stock, the further he will assume he is from his ideal of the Perfect Vase, no? A presumptuous craftsman he is! However, if one is pushing to be the Perfect Man, is the Ideal itself, not God? Moreover, one assumes on this journey, by nature of all ventures toward an ideal, that the end result is an asymptotic curve that nearly hugs the line. Doomed to an angstrom’s length from the goal. Yet one man has made the leap!

Then I must ask: if the Ideal can be reached, and has been, is it a proper ideal? If the unachievable is achieved, can it still be called Perfection? If God has walked amongst us, is God no longer Perfect? I bite my tongue!

I digress. With all this having been said, we hold definitive proof that material Perfection is possible. Just listen to my verse on Jukebox Joints by A$AP Rocky.

– Yeezy (21 July, 2017)

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